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Ceramic 3D printing

Find out how eight years of experience are turning ideas into 3D printed reality

Kitchenware 3D printed cases
3D printed ceramics is perfect for a wide variety of products but homeware is the theme we want to explore now
Testing concepts
It turned out impossible to make a test using traditional pottery techniques, so ceramic 3D printing came up as a real option
Re-imagining shapes for a renewed ceramics reality
A high-tech, clean-lined pieces with rational elegance
Intrigue of perception
Objects that invite you to explore. They will question you, engage with you and surprise
Trusted by companies


It's similar to clay that you might see at any pottery craft store, but 3D printing is making your product exactly the same as you think


We have now developed a special additive that makes our products ultra high temperature resistant.


Kwambio is a 3D Printing company focused on ceramics.
Our materials and techniques are changing an established ceramic industry, our manufacture process has pushed aside the boundaries between design and reality, allowing for the creation of objects exactly as you intend them to be.

Kwambio's patented Ceramic Binder Jetting Technology (CBJ) enables us to print high precision designs without visible layers on finished object.

Over the course of five years we have worked with different artists, designers and industrial companies, the experience that we have gained, allowed us to provide them with a possibility of creating designs without limits.