Our Team has developed very own 3D printing material
Glass-based material, so-called GS1
The industry demanded an additive that could be used for high precision manufacturing, has a high melting point, with 0% shrinkage and which dramatically cuts production time.

The Kwambio material laboratory developed such a material — GS ONE, that answered all the above challenges and took it even further.

GS ONE doesn't need firing, has a natural "volcanic stone" feel.

It proved to become an innovation within the industry, allowing the designer to achieve new heights and create even more intricate structures and complicated shapes.

Here are some cases:

These beautiful pieces of Ivan Zhurba design were inspired by palm leaves and their vast usages.
«Did you know that the Bribri people of Costa Rica use palm leaves for drinking cups? When leaves are heated over an open flame, they become strong and flexible like plastic. They then can be folded and formed into a cup. There is no way I could create those shapes using traditional ceramic techniques.»

Ivan Zhurba

The Nervous System sphere and the Benjamin Berger stand