no 3D model? No problem.
All wee need for a start is your Sketch. Even the one done on napkin is fine.
1-2-3-4 features we need to know about your object for a quick start

A sketch
Any image that we can get: a photo of a drawing, a napkin sketch, etc.
Description of the product
It's purpose (is it a piece of decor or a functional product, is it supposed to be in contact with water or food, whether it will be kept in one place or used as an accessory quite often).
Object's dimensions
Length, width, height, wall thickness.
Will the product have a logo or another sign on its surface?
We need to know it's location and kind (concave or convex).
Do you have a ready-to-use 3D model?
Then check it up to ceramic printing specifications and find the ways to scale down the price!

Enhancing your 3D model?
Send us your sketch. Our designers will transfer it into the 3D reality.