3D printed with ceramic material

Maintaining Traditions

About an Artist

Naroa Lizar is a Spanish conceptual artist and designer.
The creator of iArtistLondon, Lizar received her MFA from Pratt Institute, New York, in 2013 with a Fulbright Scholarship.
She also holds degrees from the University for the Creative Arts, UK (2009), and the University of the Basque Country, Spain (2006).

Her work has been exhibited internationally, including The Canal Foundation in Madrid, and the First Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art in Russia.
She is the design director for Fridman Gallery in New York, a role she combines with her own personal design practice.

About the case:

The "kaiku" is a traditional Basque kitchen vessel made from a single piece of birch wood that is used for the production of "cuajada," a curd milk dessert heated with stones. KAIKU BERRI is an innovative electric version for domestic use. It heats the milk so that liquid rennet can be added before placing it in the refrigerator. Inspired by the tradition, it features a birch lid and a stone interior lining.

This artistic and industrial design seeks to modernize the kaiku in order to prevent our traditions from falling into folklore and obscurity, and to continue them into the present era.
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