Kwambio is a 3D Printing company focused on ceramics.
Our materials and techniques are changing an established ceramic industry, our manufacture process has pushed aside the boundaries between design and reality, allowing for the creation of objects exactly as you intend them to be.

Kwambio's patented Ceramic Binder Jetting Technology (CBJ) enables us to print high precision designs without visible layers on finished object.

We have developed own 3D Printers with the Kwambio R'n'D team. These machines work every day, building up your products on the manufacture based in Odesa, Ukraine. The desktop version of our ceramic 3D printer is ready for pre-order now.

Our Research and Development team has created materials that cater to such needs, meaning that any and all shapes can be included in your design.

Over the course of five years we have worked with different artists, designers and industrial companies, the experience that we have gained, allowed us to provide them with a possibility of creating designs without limits.

Ceramic powder

This material takes the best out of traditional ceramics and breathes new life into the manufacturing process. It blends the boundaries between the designers and the production making, allowing for the object look like exactly how it was designed to.

Glass-based powder

The industry demanded an additive that could be used for high precision manufacturing, with 0% shrinkage and which dramatically cuts production time.

The Kwambio laboratory developed such a material.

Material that was developed exclusively by our Research and Development department. Its properties and heat resistance are variable and can be customised for specific requirements.

Heat Resistant Material

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