3D printed with ceramic material

"Redefining luxury and its meaning"

About the Project

Alan's designs are strongly influenced by his background in car design and express a juxtaposition of rounded, welcoming organic volumes against sharp and tense surfaces that create dynamism and direction.

His project Bacio di Dama, is his first attempt to transfer his style beyond lighting design and towards other homeware/home-decor objects. Remodeled through fluid forms that are shaped by the wind.

Alan says: "I wanted to create an iconic and timeless sculptural piece, subtly bridging tradition with technology. I work only on demand and often in limited series, as I believe that through additive manufacturing we can redefine luxury and its meaning, bringing more attention to the uniqueness of a design and its sustainability."

About an Artist

Alan Aronica is an artist and a designer, currently based in Italy near Milan.
His creative practice is based on the convergence of art and technology.
The main focus is made on using emerging innovations as a medium to bring the future closer.

Alan started his own practice one year ago, right after graduating as an industrial designer, and found his niche in creating his artworks employing exclusively the most innovative and peculiar 3d printing techniques.

Alan says:

"This distinctive tract in my designs is very dear to me. I believe that the story an object tells, how it came to be and how it was made, it's very very important and at the core of its value.

Ultimately, I believe that 3d printing in ceramic and then glazing traditionally is particularly poetic and very in line with my artistic direction as it merges beautifully traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology. "
We charge $0,25 per 1 cm² of ceramic object.
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